A polygonal mess


“CGI is a mess and is Polygonal in shape”


Let me cut to the chase: FPS won’t make anything better.

Talking about the golden 30 FPS, frames are rendered on the monitor every 1/30th of a second (or 33 ms) so your movement or movement of the world in graphics is quantized to 33 ms.

however, the rendering quantum doubles at 60 FPS (or 16.7 ms) and quadruples at 120 FPS (or 8 ms)
Say your opponent is playing at 120 FPS and you at 30 FPS, he/she can negotiate decision making Four times faster than you will and , naturally, you shall have 1/4th the chance of winning against him/her if you both have same gaming caliber.
So gaming is fundamentally flawed and is doing everything it can to undermine potentials of human mind

Your brain cannot interpolate on behalf of lower FPS (possibly due to hardware limitation), but your brain is an amazing negative feedback control system that can formulate optimum transfer function to adjust to the gaming needs. but I would say 30 FPS will make your brain cook up reasonably less complex H(f) as compared to anything below that.

Also the H(f) becomes less complex as the FPS increases. Know that our brain perceives or samples or models motion as a fluid based profile wherein each frame is stitched to one another with a fluidic algorithm because of the way our neural system utilizes each and every electron that swims across the neurons unlike discrete graphics which is far too inferior to our brain. That’s the reason why even the most sophisticated game looks absolutely artificial.

18 FPS! 18 FPS is all we need/use to enjoy watching ripples in pond and it took almost half a dozen generations for Nvidia to simulate one.
Mandelbrot’s recursive Fractal equation, apparently a very small simple and sexy equation, opened doors for computer graphic imagery to prosper into a multi-billion dollar industry: developers could successfully render mountains, grass fields, lava spewing out of and what not,  and this  was further enhanced and optimized (or made worse) for consumer gaming needs.
so this whole FPS business is not just about pace, quality and quantity: it is multi-dimensional, Newtonian and Fluidic, something that is very much missing in games.
Nvidia! you and your minion game developers are far cry away from making me change my mind.

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