The future is far gone: like the past


The past, the present and the future are far gone: The conscious minds of Humans are reciting what has already been written by time. Time has seen it all, but the time we created is just a rope we are hanging on to and passing the river of Life.

For me, the greatest image I can picture in my mind is that of two people having a deep conversation: one is a quantum physicist and the other, a theoretical physicist. But I must say, or rather admit, that I am more inclined towards the former.

Why? you might ask

Let’s do a small experiment( well, not small exactly):

I will station two of my friends at different locations: one in India and one in Netherlands. Both have an apple seed with them and they shall be burying the seed in soil and watering it at the same time. I have instructed my friends to do a scientific observation of the growth process to a level that they shall be recording each and every change in the state of the growth process along with the water quality and quantity, seed quality,seed positioning, soil composition, atmospheric composition, wind, sunlight, organic composition both in air and soil surrounding the seed etc..You can add more to this list as long as as the critic in you is happy.

Let them do the observation until they have apple trees respectively and that they are able to see apples in the tree. Now they have so much of information in their hands that they can come up with a software that can model the entire experimental setup (we have two experimental data, you can have more experiential setups depending on your need). This software is powerful enough to give you a sneak-peak into how the apple tree would have appeared had it been grown in any location around the world given that all necessary information is fed to the software. This software is sophisticated enough to give you information at cellular level.


This software is so powerful that with few simulations and within few days you can predict, or rather be sure of, how the apple tree might appear if it were to be grown anywhere on earth.

Likewise, if there were to be a software that could predict how life (the apple tree)  came into existence after the big bang (the seed), or even before that, then it would be astonishing right?

Can you imagine that there was nothing, i mean practically nothing, before the big bang occurred. You would have had to think about what information or data to feed into the software to begin with, and also that you see a vibrant life surrounding you: what about their genesis when everything started with nothing?


According to scientists, it took 138,000 years for the first atom to be formed after big bang and all the fundamental forces came into existence since then, the laws of thermodynamics would eventually catch up with them, the electromagnetic spectrum would get laid out, and so on..

The software cannot go wrong if right information is fed into it, then the software could pretty much simulate the entire process. When you hear a mountaineer getting struck in an avalanche, the software would have known it all right from the beginning of time. The software would pretty much be able to see the unseen and answer the unanswered.

The Universe is like the apple tree which was a seed at the beginning. To understand the seed, we have many propositions, particularly Stephen Hawking’s Super-String theory. I mean something must have existed to be able to interact and give birth to the universe, and the very thing that shall undermine Planck’s dimension (Planck’s length: 1.6 x 1035 m or about 1020 times the size of a proton, Planck’s time: 5.39106 x 1043 seconds) which lays the fabric of determinism.

For us, “nothing” is something imperceptible. but the truth is that “nothing” is something that led to everything.

When Alexander the great met a Gymnosophist in India. Alexander said “I want to conquer everything” and the Gymnosophist said “I want to conquer nothing”. The Gymnosophist pretty much knew what he wanted to conquer.

 Let me conclude by restating my words:

“The past, the present and the future are far gone: The conscious minds of Humans are reciting what has already been written by time. Time has seen it all, but the time we created is just a rope we are hanging on to and passing the river of Life.”


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