Plantronics BackBeat Go 2: Chef’s guide for perfect music


Who said there’s no recipe for good music?

I bought Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 after reading through lots and lots of reviews and most of them were misleading. So, after trying all possible recipes for a perfect musical experience, I’ve managed to cook up one myself and would like to share with you.


  1. A rooted Android smartphone [a must]
  2. Right Earbud for your ear size [a must]
  3. Right positioning of stabilizer
  4. Viper4Android app

 Viper4Android setting:

  1. Enable V4A-FX
  2. Enable Spectrum extension : Strength = 1.0
  3. Enable Reverberation:
    1. Room Size = 25 to 121 sq.m : Larger room will improve Bass viscosity
    2. Sound Field = 10m
    3. Damping Factor = 100 Percent
    4. Wet Signal = 30 Percent
    5. Dry Signal = 70 Percent
  4. Enable Dynamic System:
    1. Select Listening Device: Common Earphone (v1)
    2. Select Dynamic Bass: 100 Percent [would not recommend higher bass, it can damage your ear]
  5. Enable Fidelity Control:
    1. Select Bass Mode: Natural Bass/Pure Bass+/Subwoofer [Depending on the type of song you are hearing]
    2. Select Bass Frequency = 30 – 50 Hz [I would recommend 30 Hz]
    3. Select Bass Boost = 8 to 17 dB [This is the key ingredient, use with care]
  6. Enable ViPER Clarity
    1. Select Clarity Mode = XHifi
    2. Select Clarity = 3.5 to 10 dB [This will pump up mid and, to an extend, high : Use with care]

Wearing the earbud, with stabilizer sitting perfectly,  is as equally important as software settings. Also don’t expect great music from a low bitrate song. I usually keep 256 Kbps – 320 Kbps songs because you must know that Bluetooth codec will compress song data and transmit it to your earbud [compression is reasonably less in case of Bluetooth 3.0 or Bluetooth 4.x profiles so you can expect some extra thump in phones equipped with these profiles]

The above settings will give you a good, if not perfect, low, mid and high. The DSP engine is powerful and a high-end phone would be recommended for seamless playback.What I really see in an earbud is it’s sensitivity in dB [ BBG2 boasts of 104 dB] which implies that you need less current juice to make the most out of it. Next comes Power/Wattage which will decide pretty much everything an earbud can offer to you, but don’t expect a Bose headphone experience [in terms of fidelity] with BBG2. Finally, Type of magnet [BBG2 has Neodymium] and Harmonic distortion [ BBG2 5%]

Also to add: Military grade P2i coating for water-proofing [yes, you can dip it in water], Battery lasts for 4-5 Hrs which is a drawback [tip is to pump up phone volume and lower the earbud volume to compensate for that]. A pouch with power-bank that can give an extra 10 Hrs of charging.

Now coming to online reviews: I am not an audiophile and it didn’t take me months to give my judgement about earbud quality. Although I would not recommend rooting for noobies but we must be better equipped with other apps to overcome the limitations. Enjoy listening: Music liberates one’s soul, and so does a proper knowledge…



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